// one of Australia's best-known Science Communicators and Futurists


Dr Deane Hutton gives keynote presentations at more than 70 venues each year (business conferences, seminars and schools) speaking about science, technology and the future. Deane uses graphics, video, models, demonstrations and audience interaction. Audience members find out how to recognise future trends, overcome the insecurity of change, and create the future they want. Since 2009, Deane has presented an interactive keynote titled Going Green with Dr Deane more than 200 times. This keynote describes environmental problems and challenges - and offers practical solutions to help save Planet Earth.


Deane presents keynotes at business conferences, conventions and seminars on the following subjects:


In each case, Deane develops a keynote presentation by discussing,with the client, the aims of the conference or convention and the needs of the delegates.

Here's what Dr Terry Paulson (Past-president of the International Federation for Professional Speakers) says about Deane's presentations:

"Great speakers mix expertise, passion for the subject, and engaging delivery. Deane does all three in helping leaders discover wisdom and practical insights from science. Don't be blindsided by scientific innovation; let Deane help you use it to invent the future for your organization!"


Some of the topics of keynotes which Deane has presented are:


Deane Hutton and his associates conduct interactive, entertaining workshops for large and small groups. Each workshop is designed to meet the specific needs of the client. The list below indicates the range of topics covered in these interactive workshops:

Presentation Skills Workshop

Aimed at CEOs, managers and team leaders. Enables participants to improve their communication skills. Includes techniques for planning meetings, leading committees, and presenting from the platform. The workshop employs small group presentations, peer group discussion and feedback.

Message Design Workshop

Aimed at business leaders, educators, professional speakers and trainers. Includes basic principles for designing and producing communication messages - with particular emphasis on visual and verbal messages for printed materials and computer presentations.

Video Production Workshop

Aimed at public relations professionals, team leaders, educators and trainers. Includes audience analysis, writing objectives, scriptwriting, developing story-boards, production techniques, videotape editing. Uses hands-on production and editing exercises.

Science Education Workshop

Aimed at teachers, instructors and educational administrators. Enables participants to design simple experiments and demonstrations to communicate complex ideas. Stresses the use of everyday materials. Involves small-group interactive learning.